A Friendship to Last


A short story written by Kaye Allen

~this was one of the first stories I’ve ever written. Hope you like it! 🙂

 In a kingdom far away, there lived in a small village a young girl named Eliza.  She lived with her father and worked in their bakery. Eliza was a sweet and beautiful girl. She was helpful and loving to her father and caring to the people around her.  Eliza doesn’t have many friends, since she spends most of her time working in the bakery with her father.

One day, news arrived from the palace. The youngest prince of their kingdom will be having his thirteenth birthday. A big celebration will be held at the palace and everyone is invited. This was big news for the people, for they had never seen the prince.  The King and Queen loved the young prince and was very protective so they never allowed him to go outside the palace.

When Eliza heard the news, she did not mind it at all. She said to herself she doesn’t have a dress to wear in the ball so she would rather stay home and work in the bakery. Mr. Harold, Eliza’s father, wanted her to go. He thought his daughter needs to socialize and meet other people, and this celebration is the right place to do it.

By morning, Mr. Harold went out to buy a dress for Eliza, but he did not exactly tell her that. He wanted to keep it a surprise so he told his daughter that he will be buying some materials for the bakery.


     In the palace, there lived King Carlos and Queen Theresa, with their three sons. Prince Paul, the eldest, Prince Joseph, the second and Prince Nicholas, the youngest.   The King and Queen are busy planning for the ball which is their gift to Prince Nicholas.   However, Prince Nicholas wished for a different present. He just wanted to go to town and explore what is beyond the palace walls.

“Can I see what’s outside this palace?” asked Prince Nicholas.  As expected, the King and Queen refused his wish, citing it is dangerous for the prince to go out of the palace.  Prince Nicholas really wanted to experience what is outside the palace so he planned to escape.   The next morning, with a help from his brother Joseph, he was able to escape the palace guards and went out to the nearby village.

In the village, Nicholas was seeing many different things and different people and excitedly said to himself that this will be an adventure of a lifetime. While walking down the street, he saw the bakery where Eliza lives. He opened the door and saw Eliza who didn’t know that he is a Prince, and he was treated like an ordinary customer. “Hello, may I help you?”, she asked.

Prince Nicholas answered, “I’m Pr… I mean Nicholas, just Nicholas. I’m new here. I was just walking around town when I saw your bakery shop full of delicious looking bread.”

Eliza responded happily, “Oh, hello Nicholas! It’s nice to meet you. You know our bread does not only look delicious, it tastes amazing too! Would you like to try one?”  Nicholas said yes and took the bread Eliza was giving him.  Nicholas was asking a lot of questions about the things around the place and the people in the village and Eliza patiently shared what she knows.

After an hour of talking to each other, they became friends.  Then Eliza asked, “So since you’re new here, would you like a tour of the town? I could go with you if you like.”

Nicholas answered excitedly, “Yes, oh yes! I would love to go around town!” And so Eliza and Nicholas went out.

They went to different places, ate at food shops, played near the lake, and did everything a normal kid would do. Nicholas really had fun.

Back in the palace, the King and Queen were worried when they noticed that Prince Nicholas is missing. They ordered the guards to look for the prince, but he was nowhere to be found.  In the corner, there was Prince Joseph who looked uneasy and disturbed. King Carlos approached him and said, “Joseph, what is wrong?”

“Nothing father…”, he said nervously.

“Joseph, you’re not very good at lying. Tell me, what do you know about your brother, Nicholas?” Joseph was afraid that if he told his father the truth, Nicholas might get in trouble. But he thought that lying won’t make it any better. So he took a big breath and started to tell his father where Prince Nicholas went.

“What!”, King Carlos said furiously.

“Father please… Let Nicholas experience how to be a normal kid.  I know how it feels to be locked up inside the palace.  Please tell the guards to stop looking for him. He promised to be home by 10pm.” King Carlos was surprised at what his son said. He hugged his son and said, “Alright, I will do it. Thank you son for being honest.”

It was 7pm, Nicholas and Eliza were near the lake watching the stars. “Wow! These are the most beautiful stars I have ever seen!”, Nicholas said.

Eliza looked up and said, “I know it is very beautiful!” Nicholas smiled and said to Eliza,” Eliza, thank you for your time and for showing me everything! And thank you, for being my Best friend!” Eliza was flattered of what Nicholas said. Before they left, they picked a star that would represent their Friendship.

“If we are sad, we will just look up and surely our star will brighten our life”, said Eliza.

Nicholas escorted Eliza home. Then Eliza asked if he was going to the ball. Nicholas answered, “Maybe…” He went back to the palace and saw his father waiting for him. When he was about to explain what he did… King Carlos stopped him and said, “No need to explain Nicholas. Your brother told me everything. And I’m sorry”. Nicholas accepted his father’s apology, hugged him and went back to his room.


           The next morning is the celebration of Prince Nicholas’ birthday. Everyone was getting ready for the ball.  Eliza was surprised to see the very beautiful dress her father bought her. “You should go to the ball”, said Mr. Harold.

Later that day, Prince Nicholas was worried, “How would Eliza feel if she knew that I was the Prince? Will she still make me her friend?

Night falls; the ball has started. Eliza came in, wearing a beautiful blue dress bought by his father.  She started socializing and talking to the people at the ball but she seemed looking for someone else.  When Nicholas saw Eliza, he hid himself at the back of the stage.   He wanted to approach Eliza but he was very nervous.

Then the music stops. King Carlos went up the stage and said, “My Dear People, it’s my pleasure to welcome all of you tonight. We are celebrating one of the most important days of our family’s life: Prince Nicholas’ birthday.  Let me present to you my son, Prince Nicholas.”

When his name was called he took a deep breath and went up the stage. When everyone saw the prince, they all applauded, except for Eliza. She was very surprised and after a few seconds she ran to the garden.

Nicholas followed Eliza. He called her name, “Eliza, wait!”

“What!”, Eliza said.

Nicholas responded, “I’m sorry Eliza that I didn’t tell you the truth. That I didn’t tell you that I am a prince. I was just afraid…”

“Afraid of what?” she asked.

Nicholas turned his back and said, “I’m afraid that, if you knew that I am a prince, you won’t treat me the same. That you won’t accept me.”

Eliza asked, “ Why will I not accept you? Just be yourself. I accept you for who you are. That’s why we are friends. Friends trust each other; friends are important; they are our comfort.”

Nicholas looked at Eliza and said “so are we alright now?”

“Yes”, she answered “just promise me that you won’t lie to me again, Okay?”

Nicholas hugged her and said, “I promise.”

They looked up and saw the star shining brightly upon them.  They smiled at each other and went back to the ball. They realized that trust and honesty are very important to make their friendship last.


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  1. Gerard Sholette
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 17:55:02

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  2. Terrell Justiniano
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 22:23:58

    Yes, thats precisely what I wanted to hear! Great stuff here. The details and also the detail had been just excellent. I believe that your perspective is deep, its just properly thought out and genuinely great to see a person who knows the best way to put these thoughts down so nicely. Wonderful job on this.


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